• Biocare Pharmaceutica has emerged as one of the fast growing pharmaceutical company over the past years achieving success on every footstep despite competition

  • Biocare Pharmaceutica is well recognized in Pakistan due to its quality oriented products Sulzone (Cefoperazone/Sulbactam), Zithrax (IV Azithromycin) etc.

  • Despite competition, Biocare Pharmaceutica is maintaining its firm position in market due to its innovative marketing and selling strategies and well educated field force. Company is currently brand and market leader in number of its products.

  • Biocare Pharmaceutica has large number of satisfied customers in Government, Private and Army sector.

  • Over the years Biocare Pharmaceutica is able to expand its distribution network and field force in all major and small cities of Pakistan.

  • Selection of Ceron (Interferon Alpha) 2b 3MIU Injections, for five consecutive years in the “National Program for the Prevention and Control of Hepatitis” and “twice for Sindh Chief Minister’s Program for hepatitis” is witness to our quality assurance. We have supplied to the programs around 2.5 million and 2.3 million vials of Ceron Alpha 2b 3MIU injections respectively during the project duration. Total consumption of Ceron α was around 7400000 (7.4 million) back in 2008-09 per year. In fiscal year 2013/2014 Biocare Pharmaceutica supplied around 1162000 Ceron α (Interferon Alfa 2b) vials to chief minister’s program.