Future Products

Future Product Perspective

  • Total range of immunosuppressant manufactured by one of the largest pharmaceutical industry Huadong Pharmaceuticals has been registered by Ministry of Health Pakistan. The manufacturer has collaboration with renowned Merck Sharp & Dhome and final process approval by US FDA. Most of the products including immunosuppressant have been awarded suitability certificate by European Directorate of Quality Medicines and Health Care. Products include Cycopin (Mycophenolate Mofetil) dispersible tablets 500 mg. Cyonse (Tacrolimus) 1 mg Capsule while strength 0.5 mg & 5 mg are in future planned. Cymusi (Sirolimus) Oral Solution 1st time in Pakistan will also be launch in future.

  • Meropenem (Antibiotic) is currently in registration process and will be launched soon.

  • Many drugs in Hepatology division are in planning stage.

  • For Anesthetic Division many drugs including general Anesthesia, muscle relaxants and sedatives, pain killers are in our future planned.