Biocare Pharmaceutica History

Biocare Pharmaceutica was founded in 2002 after extensive research and planning. Company officially began its operation in 2003, with a corporate vision to bring people health and happiness through innovative, high quality and cost-effective medications. The name “Biocare Pharmaceutica” was selected for the company to inculcate in mind our mission to provide efficacy coupled with economy to improve lives. Initially company started with two divisions Hepatology and Antibiotics, which consists of three products Ceron α (Interferon Alfa 2b), Hepamed (Ribavirin) and Sulzone (Cefoperazone/Sulbactam). At that time we were the 1st company in Pakistan, which start providing all pathological tests absolutely free of cost for hepatitis B & C along with Ribavirin. This innovative move result in Ceron α (Interferon Alfa 2b) overall success. Biocare Pharmaceutica was also the first company in Pakistan to introduced BLICs Sulzone (Cefoperazone/Sulbactam) and macrolide Zithrax (Azithromycin) IV Injection. Currently we are both brand and market leader in Sulzone and Zithrax. As of now Biocare Pharmaceutica is marketing around 14 products from four Therapeutic Segments/Divisions while many are in registration process.